Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tips to keep ur face clean n fresh

It is important for those with acne/pimple problems to keep their skin clean. Follow this routine:

Morning - Wash your hands and then your face with a medicated soap. Pat dry with a clean towel; do not rub with the towel. Saturate a piece of cotton with an astringent lotion or rose water to which some water has been added and press all over your face gently.
Rinse with cold water. This helps to close the pores and reduces oiliness.
If you are at home, apply a medicated cream on the pimples using your fingertip; do not spread the cream all over the face.
If you are going out, apply calamine lotion with a drop of clove oil/mint oil. Use it as a foundation on the face.

Mid-day - Repeat the same cleaning routine. Reapply the medicated cream if you are staying at home or apply calamine lotion if going out. Wash/cleanse your face four to six times a day.

Night - Repeat the same cleaning routine. Make a paste of sandalwood. Apply it with your fingertip on the pimples and scars. Keep overnight and wash in the morning.
This is an effective remedy to dry the pimples and lighten the scars. You can also use spirit of camphor or camphor lotion. This is available at the chemists. Apply on the pimples using an ear bud.
Deep cleanse twice a week to control black heads and keep pores free from clogging with excess oil — either get it done professionally at a beauty parlour or follow this method if you want to do it at home: Wet the face with warm water. Take a teaspoon of oats (cereal), add a few drops of water and apply on the face; then rub in a circular motion. Concentrate on areas where there are blackheads and excessive oiliness. Rinse gently.

Dos and don'ts
*Avoid using cream make-up and anointments that are oil-based.
*Don't rub, squeeze or pick the pustules.
*Follow skin care routine diligently.
*Avoid using beauty soaps.
*Try to avoid stress and strain. Meditate for 15 minutes daily or do yoga.
*In case you have dandruff, treat it immediately as it aggravates acne.
*If your acne is severe, consult a doctor. Diet plays an important role in the prevention of acne.
*During adolescence, girls and boys tend to eat a lot of junk, which triggers the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. So avoid deep fried food.
*Also avoid dry fruits. Aerated drinks also aggravate pimples, besides chocolates and chocolate drinks. Go slow on spicy food and pickles as well as desserts that have a lot of cream.
*Drink six to eight glasses of water as it removes toxins and helps bowel movement and decontaminates the skin.
*Take a high-fibre diet, chapattis for instance, once a day rather than having rice twice.
for instance Include one green leafy vegetable such as spinach in your diet.
These are not only high in fibre but also contain lot of minerals and nutrients that help the skin.
For instance Eat legumes such as channa, rajma and karamani rather than meat or chicken — these are also high in fibre and protein and help in bowel movement. Constipation aggravates acne.
*Eat as much fruits and raw vegetables as possible — a salad before eating your meal works wonders as fruits and vegetables contain anti-oxidants.
*Include a tablespoon of sprouts in your breakfast. This will give you the day's requirement of vitamin C, which will keep your skin free from infection. Eat regular meals rather than snacking, and most importantly, don't go on crash diets as they aggravate acne.


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