Friday, July 4, 2008

Golden Globe : Echinocactus

THE ECHINOCACTUS grusonii is one of the most attractive of cacti; it grows huge and round with golden tubercles.
It is hardy, long-living, and can reach a diameter of one metre on maturity.
A small plant of one foot in diameter could be all of 10 years old. The needle sharp spines are a deep yellow and there is a golden woolly growth on top of the cacti. Small yellow flowers grow on mature specimens.
The plant's beautiful rotund form makes it
ideal for use in landscaping.
As with all cacti, the golden barrel too does well in full sun and a free draining soil.
Moderate watering on alternate days is advisable in summer, and perhaps only twice a week in winter.
A large pot is best, as the cactus can be allowed to grow undisturbed in it. Multiplication is by way of offsets from very mature plants.

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